Geoff Mac

A Showbiz Tribute to
Geoff Mack & Tabbi Francis
By Noel Clarke                                                    
Geoff & Tabbi
Three entertainment groups Alva, Echidnas & The Mo Awards got together to honour two of Australia's great entertainers. The brainchild of Johnny Pace who said he wanted to see more of this kind of tribute paid to our Johnny Pace entertainers. Johnny said he would like to make it an annual event.

Certainly this night, staged at the Smithfield RSL Club for Geoff and Tabbi was one to remember the entertainment was absolutely first rate with many professionals paying their special tribute by way of entertaining Geoff & Tabbi as well as the very appreciative audience.

The entertainment industry turned out in great numbers to pay their own tribute by being present in the audience to honour Geoff & Tabbi who were so very humble in accepting the many accolades by the men and women on stage.

Ian B McLeod The first half of the evening was emceed by Donny Sutherland with the first artist being Ian B McLeod who really is Australia's answer to the great Slim Whitman.

Ian sang several songs but finished off with Slim Whitlam's "Love Song of the Old Water Wheel" Slim would, I'm sure be amazed if he were to hear Ian's version, it was excellent.

Please forgive me for my many uses of the words wonderful, excellent, great etc but thats how the evening was, a great, wonderful excellent show.

Unfortunalely I didn't get a photo of Rex Allison's act but surfice to say I was so engrossed in what he was doing and saying I forgot I had a camera. Rex for many years was an international Juggling & Unicyclist an act now carried on by the second generation of the Allisons with son Ricky and his wife now taking over.

Melinda Schnieder Melinda Schneider graced the stage and sang several songs one she dedicated directly to Geoff and Tabbi.

Melinda confirmed her love for our guests as did all the artists, male and female on the night.

Melinda said that many artists has been helped along the way to success by Geoff at some time during their early career, this statement being confirmed over and over throughout the night.

Another of the greats was Warren Kermond singing and dancing his way through a hectic routine that would have a sports star working hard to catch his breath. Warren spoke of a time when he was touring with Geoff and he left no doubt in anyone's mind as to his love and respect for the great man. Again I forgot my camera.

Frankie Davidson I haven't seen or heard Frankie Davidson perform for a number of years but he sure as hell has lost nothing in his latter years, his performance was fantastic to say the least.

Frankie's rendition of "Ghost Riders in the Sky" was absolutely brilliant he had the people around where I was seated clapping and bouncing their feet in great enjoyment. - Well there's another word to discribe the entertainment on the night BRILLIANT I forgot to add that earlier.
Good on you Frankie and well done!!

Geoff with Bobby Dennis Snr To open the curtain for the second half of the show Bobby Dennis told a few good stories and announced that he had placed an envelope under 3 chairs throughout the audience, each envelopes had tickets to a dinner and show for 4 people at the wonderful Theatre Restaurant at St Marys. The "Major Oak". Well my friend was lucky enough to get one of the envelopes so off we went to enjoy another great night out, and a great night it was.
So two nights is one week is just about more than one person can take with side splitting laughter, I had to rest up for a few day to recover.
But hey, I digress Bobby introduced the compare for the rest of the night and he was simple outstanding (another word) He is Bobby's father, Bobby senior this photo shows Bobby snr with Geoff. My goodness If you ever get the opportunity to see a show with this man in it, then don't miss it, you will be very sore from laughter and the yarns keep coming at about 50 to the dozen, a true professional.

Look there were so many great entertainers on the show that frankly I can't write about everyone so I've just picked a few, if I try to name all I will surely forget one and that would be a disaster as all were first class. Frank Ifield with Geoff

Frank Ifield had the pleasure of making a presentation to Geoff and Tabbi of a specially framed certificate as a reminder of this night of nights.

I feel sure both Geoff and Tabbi will long remember this, their special night of tributes by their fellow professional entertainers.

This has been a night that I will long remember as well, My wife & I are honoured to call Geoff & Tabbi friends and they are just the most lovable people anyone could wish to meet, God Bless you both.

Lucky performing I've been everywhere You know the night wouldn't be complete if that great song, chant as Geoff likes to call it, recorded in 1962 by Lucky Star were not performed, and who better to perform it but the man who recorded it, yes, Lucky Starr closed the night with "I've been everywhere" and the crowd were delighted.
Everyone joined in with clapping and with their feet tapping under their table, what a great way to end the night.

Believe me, I can thoroughly recommend the
Major Oak Theatre Restaurant
Level 1, Cnr Queen and Belar Sts
St Marys
With your hosts Bob & Mary Bradford
Bookings (02) 9299 1973

Posted 12th September 2008
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