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A wonderful lunch with good friends
By Noel Clarke                                                     My thanks to Nev Nicholls for the pictures on this page.
On a beautiful sunny Wednesday afternoon during the month of March, in a wonderful setting, just picture this, a back yard with a number of trees and in the trees we saw several different kinds of birds just sunning themselves and happily whistling away while a flock of Cockatoos were flying around adding to the atmosphere. No wonder after Geoff and Tabbi had been everywhere they would select such a place to settle.
Geoff and Tabbi were the perfect hosts to all five of us, Nev Nicholls, Kevin King & Wife Pat , Myself & my wife Remy that afternoon.
Tabbi could not have been a better host had she tried, she is the best, absolutely nothing was too much trouble to her.
In the above photos we see Geoff pouring the wine, then in the relaxation mode after lunch.
Photo taken by Nev from left; Tabbi - Kevin - Pat - Remy - Geoff and Noel.
Photo taken by Remy from left; Nev - Kevin - Tabbi - Pat - Geoff and Noel.

During the afternoon we were entertained with a great deal of reminiscing about old times, particularly the times of the travelling road shows of the early days. Geoff, together with Tabbi and one of Australia's great comedians Lucky Grills had their own road show under the name of "Carol's Varieties", the touring canvas theatre show commenced it's illustrious career opening in Deniliquin in February 1960. (Source of this information is "Just call me Lucky" a great read written by Lucky Grills. If you haven't got this book I can recommend it as a great read.)

Another great entertainer we spoke about during our afternoon was the great Reg Lindsay, Reg is a very ill man and has been for a lot of years, (Reg passed away on Tuesday 5th August 2008) but for many, many people will never be forgotten. I had the honour of appearing on "The Reg Lindsay Show" along with Country music greats like the men in the above picture, Nev Nicholls & Kevin King. To me Reg is one of the all-time greats of Australian Country Music both as an entertainer and more importantly as a man.

Geoff had a video that contained many clips from the Reg Lindsay television shows that were aired on channel 9, clips that brought back lots of very enjoyable memories.

Hanging on Geoff's wall was a framed poem written by Lucky Grills during a trip to Sydney to attend one of Geoff's important birthday milestones. A very long poem covering many years of friendship between the two great showmen. Lucky's poem can be read Here

Posted 24th May 2007
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