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Trip down under
Doug & Sharon Fender with their company "Ultimate Travel Adventures Inc." arrived in Sydney with their group of revellers from the US where they had a wonderful time seeing some of the sites Australia has to offer.

Doug says "One of the highlights of the trip was the time spent with Geoff & Tabbi Mack"

Geoff & Tabbi entertained the group during the coach trips as well as during dinner at one of Australia's premier restaurants which sits atop the Sydney Tower and revolves a full 360 degrees to allow patrons a beautiful view, Click HERE to see a website by Harry Griggs, a website which has many wonderful pictures of Sydney's buildings and feature attractions.
As can be seen in the photos above (my thanks to Doug) Geoff is still the ultimate showman, always dressed to the nines, and ready to entertain people, to see his audience happy and laughing has always been Geoff's ambition, you know he still has the ability today as he did in his heyday to amaze his audience with the sounds and the speed with which he delivers the lyrics, I'm sure you have gathered by now that I am a big fan of Australia's Geoff Mack. I guess I'm being a bit selfish in saying Australia's, when after all the legendary song "I've been everywhere" is a world wide hit recorded by many artists in many countries.

Geoff's nick name "Tangletongue" is obvious when you listen to a few tracks from his album "Mack Looks Back". The album is available for just $20 Australian dollars which includes packaging & postage anywhere in Australia. For overseas Check cost, send email.

This album, below, features Geoff in a relaxed style telling us about the many shows he did throughout his life with many different artists and playing some of the songs and comedy sketches from those shows. I know anyone with this CD will play it many times for friends or relatives whenever discussing music or entertainers the conversation will get around to Geoff Mack and out will come this album.
Mack Looks Back CD

Downunder continued 12 years on.
Hi, Noel
My wife, Mary, passed along your response to her msg regarding Geoff Mack's passing last summer. I did not know he was gone and I was preparing to send him a birthday greeting. While I was doing that a few days ago, Mary found your website and the sad news of his loss. Needless to say, the memories came flooding back. And they were accompanied by a tear or two which I was powerless to hold back.
My very first acquaintence with "I've Been Everywhere" came while I was on my combat tour in the Vietnam War as a U. S. Air Force jet fighter pilot. I flew 125 combat missions in the F-4 Phantom II. Actually, even before, while I was still a teenager I had heard Hank Snow sing the American version of the song. I found out many years later that Geoff had written both the Australian and American versions of the song, along with several other versions, "I've Had Everything" for one example.
While I was on my combat tour (I was stationed in Thailand in the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing, the Wolfpack; we shared the base with a squadron of Australian Avon Sabres, the F-86, whose job it was to prevent the bad guys from attacking our airfield) I was fortunate enough to get an R & R to Australia. I met and made friends with some wonderful folks in Sydney and they took me out to dinner one night to a hotel which had a floor show in progress. There, I heard the Aussie version for the very first time. It's been a half-century, but I'm reasonably sure the guy who sang it was Lucky Starr.
When I got back to my duty station in Thailand, I took out my combat map and wrote my own version of the song. A few years later I recorded the song on my #2 CD. I found Geoff's contact info and sent him a copy of my recording. I heard back from him right away. He was very complimentary about my effort and he told me we shared some commonalities: He had been an aircraft mechanic in WW2 working on the B-25 and the P-51. Thus began a friendship which lasted for several decades.
In April of 2005, Mary and I took a vacation downunder. Geoff and Tabbi met us at the Sydney airport and hosted us for a wonderful week. They took us to dinner in Sydney's space needle, which looks like the one in Seattle and rotates for a continuous changing view of Sydney and environs. We sampled emu and kangaroo! We went to the Royal Easter Show and to a Reg Lindsey rodeo. We had a wonderful time with them! I'm attaching a copy of the lyrics to my version of "I've Been Everywhere" which are in one of my lyric books, and an mp3 of the recording as it appears on the #2 CD. Also, some pictures of Geoff, Tabbi, me, Mary, and Lucky Starr. I could write much more, but this is already beginning to sound like a bio :( Thank you for your website dedicated to Geoff. The memories are precious, especially to this American fighter pilot. 覧覧覧覧覧覧 Dick Jonas

Everywhere Version by Dick Jonas 2005.
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