Geoff Mac
Latest Available CD - "Mack Looks Back 2"
In listening to the tracks on this CD you will come to understand how Geoff got his nickname "Tangletongue".
It's a fantastic album and I'm sure, no matter what your taste in music you will get a good laugh from this album, you will also be amazed at the way Geoff tangles his tongue to get through the lyrics, he is one hell-of-an-artist.

The world famous song "I've been everywhere" gives listeners an idea of the content of this album, it's one I'm delighted to have in my collection, you will be too.

Geoff tells his story of how he did his shows and his recordings. He tells how then he plays the track it's a wonderful personal journey through life.

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Geoff's glorious wife Tabbi (right) this picture taken in 2006

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Geoff's glorious wife Tabbi

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Trip Downunder
Geoff's 90th
Smithfield RSL Tribute
Tamworth 2013
MO Awards