Geoff Mac

A Special Tribute To A Very Special Man
Geoff "Tangletongue" Mack turns 90
Geoff Mack
The great man cuts his cake - happy birthday Geoff.

Well done Tabbi - Fantastic Cake

Geoff & Guests admire cake

Geoff & MC echidnas Duke Alan Dale

Annabel Ashworth & Maria Grills (Lucky's widow) Shelley-Mae .

Rae & Kevin Smith with Johnny Pace

Warren Kermond, Bruce & Elsie Sacre

Tabbie & Geoff

Tangletongue himself

Upright Cake

Geoff & Julie

Geoff, Frank Ifield & Steve

Larry Stellar & Alan Dale



#15 Frank Ifield (centre)


Bob & Mary Bradford

#18 Lester Coombs

About to destroy the cake

is so good made it stereo

Mary Schneider

Johnny Pace

Bob Scanlan & Donita Dey

Kenny Kitching & Geoff

#25 Katrina (back left)

Tabbie Kenny Geoff #26


Cheryl Ros Denise & Mum

Cheryl Gray & Ros Lindsay

Liz Bond, Peggy and Harriet Little-smith

Donita Dey

Kenny Kitching & Harriet

Lilly Connors, Geoff & Col Joy

Chris and Liz Bond with Kenny

Donita Dey & Frank Ifield


Kenny Kitching & Bosco Bosanac

Rodney Marks & Son Joshua

Bernadette Dale & Geoff


Cheryl Donita Bob Ros

Beautiful Ladies

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What a wonderful day, Geoff you will always be number one in the hearts of so many people, not only those present on your special day but by everyone who has come in contact with you as you've never changed always so very humble and my friend in the eyes of everyone who knows you,
you are, and always will be a

Posted 10th December 2012
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