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Mack's officially a living legend
By:Brian Karlovsky - 24 Jan 13

THEY call him the Mayor of Mt Kuring-gai, but Geoff Mack is now country music royalty after winning the Lifetime Achievement Golden Guitar. Geoff Mack

Mack, 90, who penned the Australian classic I've Been Everywhere, will be honoured for his 70-year contribution to music at the Country Music Awards of Australia ceremony in Tamworth on Australia Day.

The Mt Kuring-gai resident of more than 60 years said he was honoured, but surprised with the award.

"I have had my hands in the concrete since '78 (at Tamworth), I have my motorbike in the museum, I didn't think there was anything left to get," he said.

"They probably felt sorry for an old bloke, better give him something before he kicks the bucket. No ... I am honoured to receive it but I didn't expect it, it was out of the blue."

Mack, real name Albert Geoffrey McElhinney, wrote I've Been Everywhere in 1959, before it was made famous by Lucky Starr in 1962. The song topped the charts in Australia and later in the US, where it was adapted by Hank Snow. It has been recorded by more than 130 artists, including Johnny Cash.

"That was the easiest song I have ever written," Mack said. "I wrote it in two hours with the aid of a road map. I am still surprised at its success."
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